My life as a photographer started back in the seventies. My parents, sick of me running off with the family camera and returning it full of pictures of trees, clouds & rivers, gave me a Zenith E slr and a monthly allowance of one roll of film. Whilst at college I gravitated towards the unused darkroom and the alchemy of black & white film processing.
On leaving college I saved and eventually purchased an Olympus OM1 with 50mm, 35-70 mm, 135 mm lenses and a 2x teleconverter. With the addition of an OM2, motor drive and all the other bits & pieces one collects over time, this set up saw me through a few years of freelance photography until a proper career in the civil service beckoned.
Following a trip to Egypt in 2009 I finally entered the digital age and swapped my trusty old Olympus cameras & lens for shiny new Olympus ones.
Whilst the cameras may have changed, the subjects remain the same. I now shoot landscapes and nature on a mixture of Nikon D800 & Olympus E3 equipment which you can view in my galleries.
I hope you enjoy them more than my parents did.

Alistair Hodgson

All images in 'The Gallery' are for sale as prints, available in most sizes, limited edition prints, canvas & gallery wrap prints or for use as an electronic file with my written permission.

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